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MIRANDA SPEAKS by Miranda Ryther

I’m eighteen years old and…” sfmush, ptpsss sounded fingers, lips, teeth and gums. Bloody fists won’t bode well for my plea of innocence. I was just so sick of this kid flappin’ her tongue every day with her nonsense. Now for a couple more slapping cracks to that slack jaw of hers and I really […]


A recent encounter with a young bank teller reminded me of what an enigma I am. I have put my stipend check each month in this same bank for over two years. I’ll explain stipend later, for I do realize that is an ambiguous term for many. This young man has often received my deposit. […]

PARENTS AND BABIES by Elizabeth Stapleton

Typical of the graduates from the alternative high school where I taught for a handful of years were Calvin and Sondra, who visited many times after graduating, seeming to have few other places to go. In his second year as a senior, after years of our cajoling him through his fear of the future or […]

THE REPRIMAND by Lucy Penumbra

Those Santa socks Cherry gave me itch a little bit. Just a little. Well, it’s not important, the important thing is to wear them. I like Christmas as much as the next guy. The kids are gonna see that. The kids respect that. Now, I’m down to my last three legal pads, this one’s almost […]

Recommended Links

Really, what is education for?  See Diane Ravitch’s site on recent tragic events; thanks to friend and We Are Kindling Schist contributor Jill Rafferty-Weinisch for her suggestion. Links to good stuff (suggestions welcome at editors@wearekindlingschist.org):   Also try: Tedx Talk http://mikerosebooks.blogspot.com/ Mike Rose has been writing about education for years, particularly with first-hand perspectives of […]