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RETIRING by Lucy Penumbra

Twenty-six days to go. Well, it’s time. It’ll all be in good hands with Tanner here, and whoever would have thought, in the year 1998, that I would be saying that? Well, he straightened himself out; most of the time I guess they do. Guess I did the same thing myself, for that matter, although […]

AMBUSHED By Lucy Penumbra

I knew it was going to happen that way. Seven people, all sitting in a circle looking up at me, and even though I’d taken my pill an hour ahead like Dr. Merrill prescribed, my hands started sweating and shaking as soon as I walked in. I wasn’t sure who to look at, and it […]

YES I THREW IT By Lucy Penumbra

I don’t know why I got so annoyed with her. I just did. Yes, I did throw the pencil, but I really don’t think I told her to go fuck herself. Maybe it was that fight with my Mom this morning when I was late, and the stupid blasted lace on my cordoba red Doc […]

THE REPRIMAND by Lucy Penumbra

Those Santa socks Cherry gave me itch a little bit. Just a little. Well, it’s not important, the important thing is to wear them. I like Christmas as much as the next guy. The kids are gonna see that. The kids respect that. Now, I’m down to my last three legal pads, this one’s almost […]