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Family Quartet: Gratitude

These stories are dedicated to my dear family, past, present, and future. Our families more than anyone shape us, and I am forever grateful that mine are who they are.

However, our friends help us realize who we are and who our families are and give us sustenance in ways families can’t. So I am also immensely thankful for:

First, for Bill, for well over a decade of patience and love. My dear companion through trials and travels, you’ve helped me become stronger.

Childhood friends Sherrie and  Karen Baer and Susie Cohen, wherever you may be. I remember you with great affection.

Oldest friend (since skipping out of junior high Sunday School!) Mary Ulbrich Rodriguez, always kind and funny and adventurous and with unique insights into this strange and wonderful world.

The Keystonian Diaspora, and especially the Classes of 1975, ‘76, and ‘77, particularly classmates Karen C. and John B. and in loving memory of Joe A., Chuck M., and Bernard B. We were special. We ARE special.

For Bennington (the school and the town) memories, the friend with the droll sense of humor and the careful sense of beauty she applies to everything she creates, Myrna.

For Claudia and Graham: What a year we had in Williamsburg! So wonderful that we have re-found each other!

Kansas City DLS friends and colleagues, especially “Taco Belles” Jan W., Linda F., and Kathy S, and most of all dear friend, wise listener and We Are Kindling Schist co-founder Karen S.

Vermont Teacher friends Janie M and Karen S, who know more than most about the reasons for founding this website and also how to both laugh and cry about it all.

The Skidiots, especially Beth, Judi, Lisa, Nichole, Jill, Brad, and Sharon: fiery, empathetic, funny, and savvy scholars all. I can’t imagine anyone with whom I’d more enjoy a few glasses of wine imbued with liberal laughter and heartfelt discussion.

For the Book Club, Elaine, Marie-Andree, Sharon, Linda, and Betsy. Good readers make good friends.

And to future readers, wherever and whenever you may be. You and I sustain each other too. 

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