We Are Kindling Schist because in U.S. education, "it was always burning." Read. Comment. Submit.


What do a Midwestern urban elementary charter, a northeastern public high school, and just about everything in between have in common? Moments of caring, of genius, of hard work and real hope for the future occur in them each day. Most days, too, those in them are subjected to excesses of bullshit, the kind that demeans and hurts students and teachers. We your editors are committed to those who feel they must scream to be heard, to shedding light on the quiet corners of our teaching (and our teaching contracts) as we go through our daily routines. In these corners are passionate, persistent and aware coworkers who have been written up for speaking out; students, from disaffected to inspired, who have been tightly squeezed into the one size fits all costumes of scripted instruction; and the rigid legal or supervisory dictates of those who too often do not understand what we do but are driven, not by good will and good sense, but by the fragile egos and political self-interest that they’d prefer to keep hidden in the shadows. Karen Sojourner and Debbie Franks have over 40 combined years in education and have worked in grades pre-K through 12 throughout the United States. They are also parents, neighbors, citizens, and friends who find many reasons to cry and laugh deeply every day.





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